Thats my Word

A fun game to learn word formation using Letter cards and Word family cards. Age Group: 4+ years
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The Race to Moon has begun!! 

GSLV MKIII Rocket has been launched from Earth to reach the Moon. 

However, this rocket runs on Word Power!!

Let us see who makes the most words to power the rocket to land on Moon. 

SIX Exciting Games

1. Classic Fast Lane
2. Classic Turns
3. Six in the Mix
4. Six Letter Fix
5. Mix and Match
6. Word Rummy


  • 1 Race to the Moon Board,
  • 64 Letter cards,
  • 64 Word Family cards,
  • 4 Tokens

Age Group: 4+ years

Skills Developed:

1. Letter Recognition
2. Word Recognition
3. Improves Memory and Concentration skills
4. Eye-Hand Coordination 
5. Cognitive Development
6. Following Instructions
7. Taking Turns
8. Sportsmanship Spirit
9. Celebrate Success and have Fun!

How to Play:

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"Very Innovative Game"

by Avni Gala on 18-Oct-2019
My child is learning new words in a fun way! This game has so many variations that even adults can enjoy it. Keep it up!


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