Get Set Go!

Get Set Go! is an exciting game which tests the children on their knowledge of numbers, general awareness, and observation skills. Age Group: 3 to 6 years
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It is Sports Day and all the students are excited to participate in the race and win medals! But this race is with a twist!!

As the students are getting ready at the starting line for the race, Teacher has announced some special rules!

Each student will pick up a "Tell Me" Card which has a question. Answer to this question is a number from 1 to 7. Student has to answer correctly and go ahead by that many spaces as the answer. 


  • 1 Race Board
  • 63 ‘Tell Me’ Cards
  • 9 Medal Cards
  • 4 Student Characters
  • 4 Character Stands

Age Group: 3-6 years

Skills Developed:

1.   General Knowledge

2.   Cognitive Development

3.   Math skills

4.   Problem Solving

5.   Observation skills

6.   Fine motor skills

7.   Eye-Hand coordination

8.   Following Instructions

9. Taking Turns

10. Sportsmanship Spirit

Customer Reviews

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"Engaging and Informative"

by Chintan Dholakia on 24-Dec-2019
This game has a beautiful balance of fun, learning, and competition. My kid always carries the game with him even when we travel out of town. He is learning many new nuggets of information and is improving his observation and analytical skills...kudos to the team for creating this game

"Interesting Concept"

by Avni Gala on 18-Oct-2019
This unique race is enjoyed by my kids. Question level is also apt for their age. Keep it up!


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