Unique teacher of Chess for Beginners while innovative variation for the Experienced! Age Group: 4+ years.
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Chess is world’s greatest game of strategy, intellect and battle of minds!

Chess-o-logy is an attempt to introduce and teach this amazing game to the beginners in a fun and interesting way. Anybody with no knowledge of chess can learn and play this game with standard chess pieces, chess board and a deck of 56 Action cards. Chess-o-logy can be played at several levels of difficulty gradually introducing the players to standard Chess. It can also be played by regular players for its wonderful variation, levels of difficulty and fun. When you’re ready, just use the same board to play Standard Chess.


  • 1 Chess Board
  • 2Standard Chess pieces (One White set and One Black set)
  • 56 Action Cards

Age Group: 4+ years

Skills Developed:

1. Cognitive Development

2. Take Challenges

3. Problem Solving

4. Spatial Skills

5. Observation Skills

6. Memory

7. Concentration

8. Patience

9. Strategic Thinking

10. Creative Thinking

11. Logical Thinking

12. Pattern Recognition

13. Planning and Foresight

14. Following Instructions

15. Eye-Hand coordination

16. Fine motor skills

17. Taking Turns

18. Sportsmanship Spirit

How to Play:

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"Very Innovative Concept"

by Avni Gala on 18-Oct-2019
I have always loved Chess. So this game holds a special place for me as it keeps the essence of chess intact in its own special way. A must buy for all the beginners as well as chess lovers out there! I am sure you will love it. Cheers!


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