Let us LitYourWit to spend quality time with family

In the technology driven 21st century world, how many times have we seen parents busy working and children spending majority time on television or phone? In any public place, restaurant, coffee shop, we see majority of parents checking the latest WhatsApp Message and children busy watching a latest cartoon or a Youtube video. 

This is a typical 21st century family. They struggle to find a perfect balance between "Digital Life" and "Real Life"

Today as a parent, are you confident that when your kid grows up, goes to college and finds new friends, will he want to come home and share his awesome family with his friends?

Do you want to create a lasting family bond? Laying the groundwork for a lasting family bond starts today!!  Any quality time with each other and without any distractions is priceless

Board games can make a huge difference to your family. If your kids are of different age groups, you may struggle to find a common movie or a book that all can enjoy together. Board games can engage every one. 

If your family is not a board game family, then it is time to become one!!  Here are some examples where board games can increase family bond - 

1) Having Fun together  keeps the family together

If you play a game that entire family enjoys, everyone will actually look forward to family game night. More fun you have, more you will want to spend the extra time with one another. 

2) Strengthening family means communicating

Gathering around a board game is the perfect time to open up lines of communication from what is going on in everyone's lives to the plans for the weekend. 

3) Close families share precision memories

Shared memories weave the fabric of our lives together. Each board game night will bring forth new stories and laughter to keep as memories forever. 

4) Quality family bonding time becomes habit!

We all are busy in our lives. It is very easy to push family time for other priorities. But a board game can just make that family night a priority or a habit. You can show your kid the value of spending quality family time. 

Let us become a board game family NOW!!! 

Let us LitYourWit to spend quality time with family. 



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