Let us LitYourWit to make learning fun using Board Games

In today's competitive and techno-savvy world, kids are easily distracted and tend to have lower attention spans, lower patience and lower concentration. Board games can be much needed way to make learning fun. The lack of technology required to play a board game makes them special!! 

Here are some benefits of playing board games with kids - 

1) Boost Language Skills

Board games can be an innovative way to expand vocabulary of kids or improve spelling skills. 

2) Patience

This is one thing most kids lack in today's age! Board Games forces the kids to wait for their turn even when things don't go their way. It can help the little ones practise more respectful responses than just stomping off and crying. 

3) Healthy brain development

Board Games help the kids in planning, organising, and making good decisions. It improves the logical and reasoning skills. Nothing better than a game of Chess to improve strategy and critical thinking. 

4) Attention Span

Board games help lengthen the shrinking attention span of the kids. Everyone needs to commit to play the board games through to the end. 

5) Anxiety

Board games help anxious kids learn how to navigate friendships more easily. It can help a shy kid to strike conversation with others. 

6) Value of Teamwork

Board games are good way to encourage kids of different age to team up and work together - something they will need to do entire life. 

7) Important Life lessons

Board Games offer a very important life lesson - Your luck can change in an instant, for better or worse. Nothing is guaranteed. 

8) Good Loser
Board games teach children to play fair. Initially it can get difficult for a child with low tolerance, but playing by the rules and encouraging them to use coping skills can help calm the child when things don't go this way. 

There are many other benefits of Board games as mentioned in the illustration below. 

Let us LitYourWit to make Learning fun using Board Games!



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