Let us LitYourWit to create a garden of memories

Importance of environment has never been as clear than it is now. Effects of climate change, excessive rainfall, extreme heat, flash floods make us worried about our child's future. Today's children should realise the importance of plants, trees, and environment. 

At LityourWit, we realise this responsibility towards a greener future. Hence, every board game manufactured by us has a small packet of seeds. We encourage the child to sow these seeds at home, garden or in school and contribute towards healthy and green environment. 

Do you know growing a plant is beneficial for children in many ways than we know. Gardening offers wonderful opportunities for kids to play, learn and grow! 

Engages all the senses

While planting a seed or gardening, kids touch and feel the soil, seeds, and flowers - see the vibrant colours, smell the amazing scents of flowers or vegetables. 

Encourages healthy eating

Eating healthy food is important for brain and body development but many times it is difficult to get kids eat those fruits and vegetables. By having them grow their own tomato, green chilli, or Lady finger, they will have sense of pride in eating what they have "created". 

Enhances Fine Motor Development

Scooping up the soil, placing the seeds in the pots, pouring water all helps in fine motor control and strength which improves the academic skills like writing, cutting etc. 

Introduces kids to scientific concepts

What a wonderful opportunity to introduce concepts of photosynthesis, impact of sunlight and water, etc.! When kids plant their first seeds, they become curious to know what happens next. 

Promotes family bonding

Gardening activity can have wonderful bonding effect when parents and kids plant seeds together. 

Teaches Responsibility

Kids learn to take care of their seeds each day in order for them to become healthy plants. It teaches kids to be responsible for their plants. 

Develop Math Skills

There are so many ways to teach math like measuring soil depth, counting seeds etc. Your child can measure the growth of the plant and create a graph. Kids can compare sizes of vegetables as well as number of petals on the flowers. They can also get introduced to different shapes that can be found in the garden. 

Teaches Patience

Kids have to learn to be patient when waiting for flowers or vegetables to grow. Waiting time makes the moment even more exciting. 

So, let us LitYourWit to create this garden of memories and ignite the process of learning. 


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